Our Story

Modern Images For Positive Cannabis Branding

A surprise passion project. The Cannabiz Agency Images was concepted after seeing how dismal the stock photo options were. Now we are shaping the way consumers view cannabis.

Let’s start out by telling you that this website is owned and operated by The Cannabiz Agency, a subsidiary of Fandom Marketing Here’s the backstory.

The Cannabiz Agency is a website design and web marketing company serving the specialized needs of the legal cannabis industry. It was started by me, Melonie Gallegos, as an offshoot of my digital agency Fandom Marketing founded in 2011.

After marketing branded products for corporate clients for 15 years, I felt a calling to put my energy into products I believed in personally. Cannabis is part of my own health story and family legacy – both illicit and legal,  recreational and medical. I’ve experienced hotboxing after 4pm daily in my 20’s. The stigma that brings judgement by others. The criminalization of people I love. And, the healing medicinal benefits of cannabis today.

I am not a pot head. Just an everyday person who uses cannabis instead of some (not all) prescription drugs. Who often chooses recreational marijuana over a cocktail because alcohol wreaks havoc on my digestive health. 

Cannabis is not harmful or scary. It can change world. The Cannabiz portfolio of businesses is my small contribution to the renaissance.

Cannabis Companies Deserve Professional Services 

When cannabis went mainstream in 2016 I felt these companies deserved the professional level of marketing that non-cannabis companies compete with. Few agencies would service dispensaries, growers or manufacturers. It was time to bring cannabis out of the shadows to the mainstream consumer and I knew I could help. So, The Cannabiz Agency was born.

Our Problem Became A Solution For Many

Fast forward to 2019… to our surprise passion project IMAGES. We had a long track record of producing fantastic photography, videos and graphics to market clients’ products at the agency. These were used on websites, social media, email, blogs, and other channels we managed for them. 

The Cannabiz Agency Images was an idea we came up with after we saw how dismal the stock photo options were. We are marketers after all, and there’s nothing that makes a marketer cringe more than cheesy stock photography. Or, the frustration of searching for hours to find a homepage slider image that isn’t too busy. White space aligned left or right. Or, hitting a dead end search for creative photos to use in social media.

I put that experience to work to solve our own problem, then released our images to the marketplace on ShutterstockDepositphotosiStock for everyone.

Selling our photos on the big stock image sites was a proud milestone. Yet, we were only making pennies per download. The next hurdle was figuring out how to make it profitable so we could to continue this offer. The obvious solution was to sell our cannabis stock photography collection direct. Providing our own shopping cart allows people to buy in either place while forging a sustainable path to profit. Look you came! Thank you for visiting. When you buy direct on this website you are supporting small business.

If one image can change the way one consumer feels about cannabis, we have met our business goal.

A Goal Bigger Than Profits

Our little passion project has become our favorite thing to do. Now we produce unique collections to offer the cannabis community so that you can go change minds and hearts. Modern, positive visuals help normalize and de-stigmatize cannabis. If one image can change the way one consumer feels about cannabis, we have met our business goal.

You can imagine how much more fulfilling that is than the ROI graphs I’ve prepared for corporate clients.

About Our Stock Images

All of our cannabis images are royalty free, for commercial use, and simply delivered. No need to login to view information. Our simple, transparent pricing structure is displayed on every photo collection. The flat rate is set per image size allowing you to buy only what you need. Prices are competitive with the big stock image sites. Royalty free licensing means you can use our images across marketing channels at one low fee. Including in your website design, print piece, billboard ad or blogs.

Free Inspiration

Here’s my favorite photo and it’s not for sale. This is my father, Charles “Richard” Gallegos, who once asked me if we could start a family business growing marijuana. That sounded impossible if not ridiculous, so we had a good laugh. At this moment in his journey he was growing organic marijuana at home to medicate cancer. A battle he lost in 2014. Richard was told he had six months to live but he didn’t accept that. He lived for five years – to the fullest. Keep fighting and never give up friends. This post-prohibition cannabis era is for the brave. We all have our part to play. You are making history.

Charles Richard Gallegos trimming homegrown marijuana for cancer